Wills Wing Mexico

Wills Wing Valle

Intervju av Rudy Gotes ved nye Wills WIng i Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Intervjuet er gjor av Davis Straub og er klippet rett ut av Ozreport.com. Link: https://ozreport.com/toc.php?26.86#0

I asked Rudy how things were going in Valle with the new Wills Wing factory.  Here’s what he had to say:

Rudy writes:

It has been difficult this past 7 months with imports, exports, dealing with the logistic companies.

On the other hand, every time we go test flying it is a great feeling knowing that we are producing hang gliders; the staff is great; we still learn a lot every day; it is challenge.

1) Is Wills Wing producing gliders now?

Yes.  We are producing gliders, actually tomorrow we are sending 7 gliders.  We have been delayed with the import of raw materials like sailcloth and laminated sail cloth, and with tubes coming from France and extrusions for down tubes, and king posts.  We are still learning how to have everything in time.

2) If so which ones and how many per week?

We are producing the Alfa 235, Falcons in all sizes, and Sport 3’s in all sizes.

3) Will they produce T3’s? If so when and how many?

We will produce the T3, but not now.  We need to be prepared with every material.  It has carbon fiber and we are not ready yet.

4) Are there plans for a T4?

Eventually, yes.

5) Is Steve Pearson actively working with Wills Wing and designing a new competition glider?

Steve is the designer and he gives us all the technical support.  We have communication with him for our doubts about production.

6) Is Wolfi there working on gliders?

Wolfi is working every day here.  He runs the sail loft and also knows most of the different jobs.  He works hard and chooses most of the inventory glider colors.

7) Are Wills Wing dealers receiving gliders?

We have been delayed.  We have sent around 35 gliders to dealers.

8) What are your plans for the rest of 2022 and 2023?

The plan is to keep producing gliders and promoting hang gliding and learn every day how to improve.

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