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Denne posten ble publisert 8 oktober 2021 på Wills Wing sine nettsider. Jeg har også hatt et Teams møte med det nye styret og det virket veldig positivt mht oppstart av produksjonen.

Greetings from Wills Wing!  

Thank you for all the encouragement and support that’s come flooding in since the last communication in June! We truly believe our Wills Wing community has the most incredible, loyal, and supportive pilots out there – and for that we cannot thank you enough. We are more committed than ever to building the safest and most fun, competitive, and beautiful gliders available, and we appreciate your patience as we move through this transition.  

A lot of exciting things have been happening behind the scenes over the past few months. We’ve completed the big move from Orange, CA, and our machines, equipment, and inventory have been moved to Valle de Bravo, Mexico. We’ve been working non-stop to get everything arranged and set up. Staff training is underway and we are happy to have a very talented team in the sail loft and machine shop.  

Production of spare parts and downtubes is an early and very high priority for the shop. We plan to resume production of all glider models in phases starting this fall, with delivery in the spring of 2022. Wills Wing will also continue selling Lara Gold reserve parachutes, harnesses, and Charly helmets – we’ll have more information once our store is ready to take orders for these items. 

I’ve included a FAQ below that will hopefully answer some additional questions. Stay tuned for more information from us as this new chapter unfolds!  

‘Till then, we wish you long, high, and happy flights! 

~ Rudy & your Wills Wing crew 

— FAQ —

Company & Team 

Is Wills Wing still a US company? 

Yes! Wills Wing Inc. will remain a US corporation with a subsidiary in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. 

Who is on the new leadership team? 

Rudy Gotés is the new president and managing director; Steve Pearson is a partner and is leading product and production engineering; Filippo Oppici, Jessica Koerner, and Leonides Guadarrama are partners and members of the board. Chris Wills, founder of Wills Wing in 1973, is a partner as well. All partners are hang glider pilots with a wealth of complimentary business experience and a deep passion for the sport of hang gliding. 

Who else is involved? 

We have an impressive, skilled, and dedicated team in the US and in Valle de Bravo managing operations, production, and logistics, and an experienced and talented technical team working in the sail loft and machine shop. We also have an incredible network of dealers and suppliers, and we believe, the most loyal and supportive customers in hang gliding! 

Why Valle de Bravo? 

Valle de Bravo is a thriving and well-established global hang gliding meca with a unique combination of talent, resources, and opportunity. Located just two hours from Mexico City, Valle de Bravo draws top talent from around the world to live, work and fly. Valle is flyable nearly 365 days per year, with fun and interesting soaring conditions, and has been selected as the site for many national and international hang gliding competitions including the FAI World Championships in 2015. Additionally, each year Vuelo Libre hosts hundreds of pilots of all levels each year for an unforgettable flying experience. The enthusiasm for hang gliding in Valle de Bravo is tangible, and the new Wills Wing factory has received significant interest and a warm welcome from individuals in the community and business leaders alike. 

Orders & Parts

When will you start taking orders for new gliders? 

We will begin accepting requests for new gliders, harnesses, helmets, and reserve parachutes this fall. These requests should be submitted through Wills Wing dealers. We expect to resume production this fall with glider delivery of all models by the spring of 2022. 

How long will it take to get my new glider? 

We expect to ship gliders by Spring 2022. 

What glider models will you be producing? 

We will return to production of all glider models in phases, starting with a selection of inventory gliders (standard specifications), followed by models and sizes in highest demand. 

What spare parts are available for purchase and how do I order them? 

Spare part availability is currently limited to Wills Wing Dealer inventory. Re-establishing production of tip wands and downtubes is one of our highest priorities at the new factory, and expect to have these available for purchase before the end of the year. 

Are you still making harnesses? How do I order? 

We will resume harness production, following the setup of our sail loft. We expect to take harness orders this fall and will be sharing a process for placing orders with our Wills Wing Dealer network. 

Are you still selling parachutes? How do I order? 

Yes, Wills Wing is still the exclusive distributor of Free Flight Enterprises Inc., Lara Gold parachutes, and we expect to resume sales of 175 and 250’s this fall. Stay tuned for a link to order directly from Wills Wing. 

Are you still selling helmets? How do I order? 

Yes, we are continuing to offer the Charly line of helmets and are investigating a potential expansion to our helmet offering. We will provide an update on the ordering process this fall. 

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