The future of Wills Wing

Steve Pearson skrev dette i forbindelse med at Wills Wing flytter til Valle de Bravo i Mexico:

To All of Our Dealers, Customers and Friends,

We wish to share with you some important news. During the next two and a half months, we will be finishing up orders currently on the books, winding down operations and preparing to shut down production at our Orange facility as part of a process of closing down the Company.

During that same period, we will be continuing work already in progress on developing a plan of support for a new successor entity, the goal of which will be to provide for the continuing supply of Wills Wing products, services and technical support to the hang gliding community. Heading up the new enterprise will be Rudy Gotes, top ranked competition pilot, and our long-time distributor in Mexico. Wills Wing president Steve Pearson will be joining the new company as a partner and will provide critical support in technology, manufacturing and customer support and product design and development. Production facilities for the new company will be headquartered in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, known around the world for its consistent, year-round flying. At the same time, we will be working here to lay a broad foundation of technical support to provide for an ongoing partnership between our long-time dealer Lookout Mountain Flight Park and the new company, in order to facilitate an enhanced level of domestic customer support going forward.

This transition will involve both challenges and opportunities. Wills Wing, incorporated in California in 1973, has had a good 48 year run, and with your support we have had the honor of leading the hang gliding industry for most of those 48 years. Nothing lasts forever, however, and a wide range of market and economic conditions, both currently and over the last several years have made this decision unavoidable.

First, thank you for all of the support that all of you have given to Wills Wing over the last 48 years. We’ve dedicated our careers and our lives to this sport, and in return we’ve been rewarded with lifelong friendships and incomparable experiences.

Plans for the new successor enterprise are still in development, and we have limited details to offer at this time. We can say that the primary goal for the new company will be to continue to provide the products, product support and services that you have associated with Wills Wing with the highest possible level of quality and with the minimum possible delay and disruption in the transition. You can expect further updates from the new company as plans develop and details are finalized.

With regard to our operations here over the next two and half months, we intend to, and we believe we will be able to produce all gliders and harnesses that are currently on order. New glider and harness orders placed going forward will be accepted on a provisional basis, and we will endeavor to keep you informed as to their status as we go forward. Those orders that can be produced before we shut down here, will be. For those that cannot be produced before we shut down, customers will have the option of re-ordering with the new Wills Wing once operations commence. We expect to be able to continue to fill parts orders here during most of the next two and a half months.

Once again, we thank you for your support over the years, and we wish all of you, and the sport itself to which we’ve dedicated our careers, all the best.


Steve Pearson, Mike and Linda Meier, Chris Wills
Wills Wing

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